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How We Work

What CustomCare Nutrition Provides

At CustomCare Nutrition, we uses functional nutrition and medicine to impact the health of the whole person. We recognize that body systems are integrally connected and must not be treated in isolation. After an in-depth health assessment with our team, we will create a customized nutrition plan that incorporates whole food nutrition, lifestyle changes, and supplemental supports.

About Our Founder

Kirsten Chesney, M.S.

CustomCare Nutrition was founded in 2016 by Kirsten Chesney M.S. Kirsten is a Clinical Nutritionist with a focus in functional medicine. She is passionate about the healing power of food and in guiding people towards ultimate health and vitality. Her team extends her mission and focus each day with all of our clients.

What to Expect

After your whole-health assessment during your initial consultation, we may recommend getting specific lab work in order to track changes in your functional health. Most lab work is an additional out-of-pocket expense, and therefore a personal choice on the part of the client. However, some blood labs are covered by health insurance if they are ordered through your in-network provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Meet With Your Nutrition Patients In-Person?

CustomCare Nutrition operates through virtual (online) consultations, making it easier to receive customized care without having to travel across town or across states. An increasing number of private practice professionals are turning toward telehealth as a way to better serve their clients without sacrificing quality care.

We utilizes Doxy.me, a secure video conferencing alternative to popular websites like Skype.

What's The Benefit of Virtual Consultations?

We have found that virtual consultations are particularly beneficial for those who live in more remote areas, or who live in places that do not value the whole-person approach to health. Furthermore, a virtual practice allows clients added flexibility in scheduling appointments, while eliminating the need to take time off work or finding child care that day.

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We offer free 30 minute consultations. During this call, we can discuss your current diet, lifestyle, and goals. Schedule your free call today!