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Learn the Clean Way to Grocery Shop

When making dietary changes the prospect of going to the grocery store can be daunting. After all, grocery stores are filled with foods that are made to be sold. Food advertising can be very clever in portraying their product as “healthy,” making it difficult to weed out genuine advertising from deceiving ones.

CustomCare Nutrition offers grocery store tours that empower you to make healthy food purchases while getting personalized attention to ask questions about specific foods. During a tour, we will discuss how to read nutrition labels, compare ingredients of similar products, identify “diet” foods, learn the tricks behind health claims, learn how to spot preservatives and artificial ingredients, and much more! This tour is the ultimate way to lay the foundation for a successful transition to healthy living!

Benefits of a Grocery Store Tour


Confidence in making healthy food purchases.


Identify misleading health claims on “diet” foods.


Read and compare nutrition labels to guide your purchases.


Identify helpful and harmful ingredients.


Personalized attention allows for a more focused tour.

How It Works

Grocery store tours are done in-person for those who reside in La Plata county in Colorado. We offer virtual grocery store tours for those residing outside this area. You do not need to be an established client with CustomCare Nutrition in order to book a tour. Purchase a Grocery Store Tour today!

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