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Your Kitchen Should Support Your Healthy Diet

There are hundreds of opinions online discussing the do’s and don’ts of which foods to eat, which foods to avoid, and which diets to follow. It can be overwhelming to keep up with the (often contradictory) advice and you might feel tempted to give up trying! Or maybe you have tried diet after diet only to come away confused and hungry. If either of these describe you, then you might have a pantry or fridge filled with “diet” foods that do not provide the proper nutrients your body needs.

At CustomCare Nutrition, we offer an in-person (as well as virtual) home kitchen review where we review the food items in your home and clear up any confusion about food choices. We discuss which foods add value to your health and which foods don’t. We also provide guidance on replacing foods with healthy alternatives so you can be confident that home-cooked meals are healthy meals!

Benefits of a Home Kitchen Review


Clear up confusion about food choices.


Learn why “diet” foods don’t work.


Identify which foods contain nutrients and which don’t.


Cook healthy meals without the guesswork.

How It Works

Our home kitchen review is available in-person for those who reside in La Plata county in Colorado. We offer virtual home kitchen reviews for those living outside this area. You do not need to be an established client with CustomCare Nutrition in order to book a home kitchen review. Purchase a Home Kitchen Review today!

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