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Custom Meal Planning and Recipes Based on Your Needs

Knowing how to eat healthy, and being motivated to do so, can still cause “meal paralysis;” that indecision on how to combine healthy foods to create a cohesive meal. It’s that life application part that is missing. “How do I apply what I know about healthy eating to cooking meals?”

At CustomCare Nutrition, we take the mystery out of meal planning by creating a weekly menu for you and your family to enjoy. We will first discuss the healthy eating plan you want to follow, plus any dietary restrictions that might be present. Then we will build out several options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks. We also provide any recipes involved in the weekly meals. With CustomCare Nutrition, you won’t need to wonder about what to eat or how to prep: we’ve done that for you!

Benefits of a Meal Planning by CustomCare Nutrition


Stress-free cooking recipes provided by our team.


Guaranteed recipes for meals that align with your nutrition goals.


Meals and recipes that eliminate impulsive and unhealthy snacking.


Meals that keep you on track and accountable.

How It Works

Our Meal Planning and Recipes service is available for anyone wanting more direction and accountability in following their healthy eating goals. You do not need to be an established client of CustomCare Nutrition. Our Meal Planning and Recipes service is one session with our team to determine what your goals are. Menu plans will be supplied for you within one week of our session. Purchase a Meal Planning and Recipes service with us and then book an appointment time with us!

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