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Detox: Creating a Clean Slate

Our world is a toxic place, with more than 2,000 new chemicals introduced in the United States each year. Most of these chemicals are largely unregulated and undergo only minimal safety tests before being placed on the market. Unfortunately, the additive effects of ongoing, daily exposure are not taken into account during safety tests. Low-level exposure to these chemicals add up to a myriad of symptoms, often overlooked or mistakenly diagnosed by physicians. Luckily, there are ways of avoiding further toxin exposure while also boosting our bodies’ detoxification pathways.

At CustomCare Nutrition, we provide a comprehensive detoxification protocol that includes a detox food plan, regular supplementation of targeted nutrients, and resources for replacing toxic household products with cleaner alternatives.

Benefits of a Detox Food Plan


Food plan that boosts your body’s detox pathways.


Supplements that replenish detox nutrients and cofactors.


Immediate action steps for avoiding further exposure and choosing cleaner products.


Find relief from mysterious symptoms: fatigue, brain fog, poor sleep, sore joints, frequent headaches, and more!

How It Works

As part of the health assessment intake form, we ask about your personal toxin exposure history. Depending on the severity of exposure and symptoms, CustomCare Nutrition may first recommend the detox protocol before beginning your customized nutrition plan. Optimizing your body’s ability to eliminate toxins is a foundational step in preparing for the next phase (addressing chronic health conditions). Usually, correcting our detoxification pathways alleviates many of the symptoms presumed to be from a chronic disease. By quieting down the “noise” of extraneous symptoms, the process of finding and correcting the underlying causes of disease becomes more straight forward. CustomCare Nutrition personalizes the detox protocol by assessing the levels of certain toxins in your body. This is done through specific lab tests that can either be ordered online through “direct-to-consumer” labs, or through going through your primary care physician.

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