Customized Nutrition Plans

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Nutrition Plans Built With You in Mind

At CustomCare Nutrition, our team uses functional medicine to assess the health of the whole person. We recognize that body systems are integrally connected and must not be treated in isolation. Each customized nutrition plan contains a food plan, a supplement regimen, and suggested lifestyle changes.

Plans are designed to support all body systems while giving special focus to the areas of health with specific dysfunction. In this way, optimal function is restored and many chronic health conditions are reversed. It is through our customized nutrition plans that you can achieve peak vitality and freedom from debilitating and chronic symptoms!

Benefits of a Customized Nutrition Plan


Addresses underlying causes of chronic symptoms by correcting hidden imbalances.


Gain the peace of mind that your supplements are the proper type and are working for you.


Personalized and modifiable to your unique health needs.


Remove or improve the burden of chronic symptoms by optimizing your health.

How It Works

After submitting your health assessment intake forms, CustomCare Nutrition builds a customized nutrition plan that is tailored to your unique needs and health conditions. During your initial consultation, this plan will be presented to you, along with recommendations for getting specific lab tests done (blood, urine, or stool tests).

Based on the results of these tests, your customized nutrition plan can be updated in the following visit. Our plans consist of a food plan, a supplement regimen, and lifestyle changes that specifically address your health concerns and symptoms.

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